"Life is a box of chocolates, you´ll never know what you´re going to get."

Forrest Gump,
in the movie Forrest Gump 1994


a book by Phillip Minton, M.D.

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could lessen our risk of developing serious degenerative diseases by enjoying our favorite food…chocolate?  It seems almost crazy to think that it could be true!  But mounting scientific evidence points to the fact it is true…that chocolate in the diet can significantly diminish the risk from several of the most common and serious degenerative diseases.  This is so because chocolate is an extremely rich source of some of the most potent nutrients found in nature that fight these diseases. As you read the following excerpts from the book, you will become convinced that chocolate is so blessed with beneficial nutrients that the cocoa bean could rightfully be considered as much a natural medicine treasure trove as it is a delicious food source.

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