"Chocolate does not make the world go around but it sure makes the trip worthwhile."



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Welcome to the website for the most comprehensive and authoritative book on the subject of healthy chocolate Chocolate, Healthfood of the Gods. The author, Phillip Minton, M.D., a practicing physician adept at melding diet, exercise, natural therapies and conventional medications to effectuate optimal health, brings to the reader the secrets of using chocolate as a preventive and therapeutic healthfood. Thoroughly researched and extensively referenced to the relevant scientific and medical literature, the book explores the wide range of legend, lore, scientific fact and medical uses of what many call “the most delicious health food”.

Chocolate, the ultimate superfood, is explored in depth. The author details in an entertaining manner the uses of chocolate in low-carb diet plans, diabetes management, heart disease prevention, blood pressure lowering regimens, dementia prevention as well as aphrodisiac and mood enhancement. Useful information on possible negative ramifications of chocolate consumption, drug interactions, and negative side effects is revealed. Chocolate, Healthfood of the Gods is the ultimate guide to this ancient and amazing nutraceutical superfood.

“A food that is both delicious and healthy? How can it be? But it is true! There is one amazingly healthy natural food that is truly delicious.


The same chocolate that we all crave, that melts in the mouth filling our senses with it’s unique and satisfying flavor. The same chocolate that brings a feeling of contentment to the soul. The same chocolate that energizes the flesh and raises feelings of passionate ardor. Chocolate is nature’s gift of health and happiness to mankind!”

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